Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Etsy Purchases

I've been drooling over lots of etsy shops lately but never really had a need for anything until now. The phone case was for me. I've been mulling over buying it for a while but when I went on etsy and saw it again I couldn't resist. I mean, who doesn't need an Audrey phone case? My point exactly. My other two purchases were a bit less selfish. I mentioned in my last post that a very dear friend of mine is moving to British Columbia. This is CLEAR across the country from me. It's an almost 5 hour flight so I decided she needed a serious going away gift. I got her the necklace above and I got to pick out the stone. I picked out a sage green colour  and then put her initial "T" on the leaf. The earings are chrysanthemums and I picked these specifically because I know they are very near and dear to her. The main character in her favourite book as a kid was named Chrysanthemum and she's told me that one day she hopes to get one tattooed on her. Finally I think I am going to make her a mug using this method:
You just write on it with a sharpie and then give it a good bake in the oven at 350 degrees. I'm obviously not going to write her some romantic love quote on it from Pride and Prejudice on it. I was thinking about writing a little rhyme I made up: Whether near or far, there's no need to fret...our best days haven't even happened yet. Yah like? I just hope her jewlery comes in the mail before she leaves Wednesday! I'm very excited to give her this gift! I just feel like it's perfect for her. Sometimes giving gifts is more fun than getting them...sometimes.


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