Wednesday, 22 August 2012

A Day Off

I found myself awoken at 7am yesterday on my day off. To me this is outrageous but to my sister it is socially acceptable to text a person at this time. Luckily her text included the offer of breakfast with her and the kids she nannies. I'm not one to turn down breakfast so of course I obliged. Afterwards we came back to my house to watch Monsters inc., swim in the pool and paint our nails. It was all very relaxing until I discovered that the infestation of fruit flies that I thought I had cleared from my apartment was not completely gone and had spread to the kitchen upstairs. It was hideous. These things procreate like it's nobody's business. I finally gave up on trying to fight them myself and just called an exterminator. So glad I can stop stressing out about how to get rid of them and just relax in my own home. If you ever find yourself with a fruit fly infestation I suggest you call someone in sooner than later. They are survivors, just like Beyonce but without any sort or redeeming qualities. I went out to dinner with the girls at night and then came home to enjoy the new episode of True Blood. By far, this was the busiest day off ever. Sheesh!

The best news of all is that the boyfriend gave me my birthday present early. Ray Bans!!! I'm in loooovveee. Now I just have to get through today and then my mom and stepdad are home from Italy tonight. I know, they went to Italy and didn't even take me!? I'm beyond jealous, since I have an insane obsession with Europe, but hopefully they will have brought me home lots of goodies!

Bye for now!

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