Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Weekend Update + More Birthday Deets

I've literally just come off of one of the best weekends ever. Friday night was my friend's going away party. My biggest regret is that I did not take a picture of what I looked like that night. Seriously. I did my hair and it was fabulous. I'll never like how I look that much again haha. Besides that it was such a goooood night of being around friends. Perfection. Saturday the boyfriend had a BBQ and the boys above are throwing him into the pool. Hooligans haha. Perfect Saturday afternoon. That evening a bunch of us went out for Indian food which I am now surprisingly obsessed with. Afterwards me and my two best friends went to the artwalk in our town. We live in a pretty small town where nothing ever happens but the downtown block is getting really cute lately. We have gotten a coffee shop, a vintage store and a record store all within the last year (or two). SO cute. Saturday night we had an art walk and they shut down the block and all of the shops put art on their walls and a band played in the middle of the street. It was so quaint and personal and just adorable. Afterwards we saw The Campaign. Not tooo shabby but not my favourite. Sunday was the boyfriend's Grandma's 75th so I spent the day at his house. At night my best friend came over and I taught her how to knit and we sat around laughing and watching chick flicks and at midnight we ate cheesecake for my birthday. I literally cannot think of a more wonderful weekend.

Here's what the remainder of my birthday looked like:
I wore this outfit for dinner with the family and the boyfriend surprised me with flowers when he came. Good feelings all around. I did eat WAYYY too much cake these last couple of days so now I have to go work it off tonight. Boo for that!

Hope everyone is feeling as wonderfully happy as me today.

Much love,

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