Friday, 17 August 2012

Seeing the World from a Different Angle

I feel as if I've just had an epiphane. So often I find myself sitting around focusing on the negative. I can have a wonderful day but I will only remember the small negatives and let them eat me up. Yesterday was one of the best days I've had in a long time. I spent it with my best friends and had so much fun but I found myself lingering on a comment I took negatively. This morning I was letting this comment eat me up inside until I remembered another moment of the day, a positive moment and then realized that the day was full of them! I let that one comment bring me down when I really don't even think it was meant that way. I think I hear something and all of a sudden find myself in a tailspin of negativity. I take something harmless that someone said and turn it into a personal attack on me. I know, it's crazy. I think now about yesterday and see so many wonderful moments. From now on, I am making it my mission to focus on the positive, give people the benefit of the doubt and reject any negative thoughts. If I really look at my life I can see how amazing it is. I am blessed in so many incredible ways. I live in a beautiful house, I have a family I love even though I'm pretty sure we are all a little bit insane, I am priviledged enough to be able to attend a great university and I won't even have very much debt when I'm done, I have an amazing boyfriend and friends I love and cherish so what's my problem? I don't have one and that's exactly my point. Life is grand and I need to remember that more often. Try seeing your life that way too, it has filled me with a lot of happiness.


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