Monday, 24 September 2012

Weekend Update

This weekend went by WAY too fast, my friends. Friday I finally got the book I ordered from Amazon. I couldn't have been any more excited. Kneller's Happy Campers is the book the movie Wristcutters: A Lover Story based on. If you haven't seen that movie, you need right now. It's so good. Don't let the morbid name scare you off, it's definitely worth a watch...or two. It's one of my favourites. I'm not even going to explain it to you because I think you should just go watch it without me confusing you! Besides getting my book, Friday was kind of a crappy day. I had a long day at school. I had to go to that class with the teacher I hate and he put me in a really bad mood. I hate that this class effects me so much but I just think this professor is so rude and he thinks he's so smart and basically tries to rub everyone's noses in it. Only 10 more classes. Only 10 more classes. Only 10 more classes. I skipped my last class because my contacts were bugging me and I had to stop at the office to bring some paperwork home. There's a lot of construction going on around our office so I had to park at another building. Right when I got out some guy told me I couldn't park there. I tried to explain to him about our office and that I would be in and out in a second and he responded with "DON'T CARE!" I don't know why it bothered me so much but it made me cry once I got back into my car. When I got home I got in my comfiest clothes and cuddled up with Jordan for the rest of the night. What a dumb Friday!

This weekend I was babysitting Clyde so I spent Saturday lounging around with him and we went on a nice long walk after I got home from my workout. In the afternoon I got my peircings out. This put me in kind of a funk again so I got back in those comfy clothes and prepared to loung around for another night. Jordan went out with the boys so I had the night to myself to do a little studying and watch lots of tv.

Yesterday I went to the mall to find some boots, but they didn't have the ones I wanted to I got some boot socks instead to spruce up my current ones. My mom and stepdad got back from Scotland and came bearing gifts! I got new Hunter boots, a few new tops and LOTS of new tights. So exciting. I spent the rest of the night watching old episodes of Seinfeld with Jordan.

Boy what a weekend. It felt like it just started when it was already over. I guess it's a good thing the weekend went fast because it wasn't a particularly wonderful one but what can you do?

Here's to having next weekend make up for it!



  1. sorry about your day! I guess we all have those..but yes, there's always next weekend!

    found the route

  2. Thanks Kim! It was kind of a rough but one every once in a while isn't too bad! Just gotta turn it around and move on.