Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Obsessing over: school. This is not a happy thing of course but it is necessary. Yesterday I spent the entire afternoon getting readings done. It's a bit of a soul-destroyer but it has to be done. This afternoon I have a class from 4:30pm to 5:20pm and then another from 5:30pm to 8:30pm plus I'm working all day today. Oh boy. The hard part isn't going to my classes tonight, the hard part is the fact that on the syllabus for my 3 hour lecture it says that we have assigned readings but there are no required texts for this course. Where do you expect me to find these readings, professor? WHERE!?

Working on: trying to keep a balance in my life. Now that school is here I'm already finding myself being too lazy to do anything. Yesterday I got to sleep in and then I spent most of the morning cleaning my apartment and watching tv. That was nice. To balance that off I spent the rest of the afternoon studying. It was great to feel like I got to do it all yesterday and even better that I started the day with a giant to-do list and crossed EVERYTHING off of it!

Thinking about: my application to the university newspaper. Last night I applied to the student run newspaper at Laurier. I'm really hoping that I get a spot as a writer. It would be great for my resume but I'm also scared about the fact that I won't know anyone on the paper and will have to go to meetings. I'll also have to approach people on campus to interview them for stories and I am WAY too socially inhibited for that. I am so akward around people I don't know. It's a curse. Mostly I hope that writing for the paper won't be putting too much on my plate but I do REALLY want this!

Listening to: We Will Never Ever Get Back Together. I'm sorry but this song is my #1 guilty pleasure right now. It's a bit moronic but it's stuck in my head all of the time lately so I think I will just go with it! Also did you see Taylor Swift perform it at the VMA's? Good God she looked wonderful. I need to immediately run out and buy a red striped shirt and some matching red lipstick!

Wishing for: a good semester a head of me. I hope that I can keep up on my readings and just try my best to come out with straight A's! I have to keep reminding myself that it's only 8 months until I'm free from school forever! That will be a wonderful day!

To those who are back in school, I wish you all good luck and to everyone else..I'm jealous!


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