Sunday, 30 September 2012

Weekend Update

My obsession with all things fall is taking over my life. I just wish everything would come in pumpkin flavour, is that so much to ask? I spent a lot of my weekend focusing on fall-ify-ing my apartment. I bought some baby pumpkins and a very pretty owl snow globe which I found in the Halloween section but will I definitely be letting my owly live in my apartment all year 'round. I also dug through some boxes in the garage for all of our Halloween decorations. I also bought some fall flowers at the farmers market. I'm obsessed but I think it's acceptable because fall is just my favourite. No shame.

This weekend is also a weekend I'd like to refer to as the weekend of three movies. That's right, I saw three movies this weekend. One for each night. As you know, I saw Pitch Perfect on Friday with Erika and then went to The House at the End of the Street with Jordan. Update: House at the End of the Street is kind of lame. Slightly scary but mostly I found it silly. Oh well, it was entertaining. Tonight we saw Dredd because it was Jordan's turn to pick the movie. It was actually pretty entertaining. Not my cup of tea but I wouldn't say it's bad. Next up, Perks of Being a Wallflower. I have loved the book for many years now so of course I'm beyond excited for the movie. I know you are too, people!

Most important of all, I have polka dot pants. Common, who doesn't think they're the cutest?! I had to resist the urge all day to tie my shirt in a knot because I felt like a 1950's pin up in them. So presh. I also bought light beige ones with tiny beige polka dots. More subtle but still fabulous.

So the weekend of three movies has come to a close. I might need to top it some weekend. Oh, goals!


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