Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Nail Art

Now, I am aware that this wouldn't exactly be classified as "art" but I'm gonna go ahead and give it the title anyways. I love, love, love nail art. First of all, nail art is so much more fun and interesting than regular nail polish. Second of all, people think you're really impressive when you do something cool and third of all, if you aren't so impressive you can just buy nail polish stickers and trick people into thinking you're talented. Ohhhh yeahhh.

Here are a couple mani's I've done:
Impressed yet? As you can see I have only dared to dabble in the dots and glitter departments. My nail pen is my best friend!

One day when I get the courage I'll attempt these:
Aren't they just the sweetest? Oh I can dream!

Au Revoir



  1. Great nail art! Love it <3