Monday, 17 September 2012

Weekend Update

Yet again, I find myself reflecting on a jam-packed weekend, and that's just the way I like it. Friday was a very LONG day. I woke up bright and early to get to my 3 hour, 8:30am class. The class looks super interesting and my professor seemed like a pretty laid-back and cool guy, plus he let us leave after a half hour so I was super happy. Since I had LOADS of free time before my 1:30pm class I met my sister and the two toddlers she nannies. While Peighton seemed to be obsessed with me, Everett made it very clear that I was not his favourite this week. Is it normal to feel rejection due to the mood swings of a toddler?? My 1:30 class was torture! It's three hours long and with my LEAST favourite professor of all time. I had him last year and I just really dislike him. He never gives us a break, and  never has slides which means that he stands and talks to us the entire time, usually in a way to prove that he is smarter than us. BOO!

Saturday Jordan and I packed up our bikes and drove to Elora. It's a small town about 35 minutes away that has a beautiful gorge. The drive there is all through the country so we spent the ride pointing out gorgeous old homes and talking about one day maybe fixing up one together. Sometimes we can be adorable. When we got to town we hopped on our bikes and peddaled around looking at even more old and beautiful houses. After that we put our bikes back in the car, drove downtown and popped in and out of cute little shops while sipping our coffees. Then we had a nice little picnic and explored the gorge. It was the perfect afternoon. That evening I went shopping with Erika, had coffee with my friend Trish and then ended the night by having a few friends over for a fire which we sat around talking until 2am. What a day.

Yesterday I went out to lunch with Jordans family. Afterwards we took our full belllies home and Jordan and I watched a documentary on the holocaust. It was one of the most heart-breaking things I've ever seen. After that I half listened to the tv while falling in and out of sleep until dinner, which was of course delicious. I went home around 7:30, put on my comfiest flannel, lit my new Pumpking Cupcake candle and did some reading in between watching episodes of Sex and the City.

Today I'm at work until 3:30 and then have a class from 4:30 until 5:30 so it's really not too rough of a day. I'm looking forward to tomorrow when I have the day off and can spend it cleaning my apartment, doing some readings and watching even more Sex and the City. Oh fall, you've been so wonderful so far!


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