Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Obsessing over: my hair. It drives me absolutely nuts my friends. The picture above portrays my newly learned skill of curling my hair with a straightener. I must tell you, I have never been good at doing hair. I usually stick to a few different styles with a new idea thrown into the mix every now and then but I have NEVER been able to curl my hair. Well guess what!? I learned! But it's no easy feat. No word of a lie, that ponytail has a trail of tears behind it. Yes I literally cried because I was so frusterated. It's like I can curl it perfectly for a while and then my mind forgets the technique. Someone the only way it started to curl was if I pulled it super tight and it hurt ALOT so I got frusterated a cried. I need to practice though so I should really toughen up. I got a haircut yesterday and my bangs are driving me nuts and it's feeling very static-y today. I may just shave it all off by the end of the week!
Working on: catching up on my readings. I'm not really behind but to me, it feels like I'm behind. I need to have my readings done BEFORE my class because it just makes me feel better and I have not read for my class tonight yet. My prof also didn't post the readings until a few days ago so I also haven't read for the week before either. Tomorrow will be a long day on the couch, in my pyjamas, surrounded by books!
Thinking about: how my application to the school newspaper didn't go through! SO frusterating. I checked online to see if they'd emailed me and saw that if they didn't send me a confirmation email then it didn't go through so now I have to re-apply. I just hope it's not too late now.
Listening to: the radio and it's not playing anything worth mention right now. I will tell you that when I fall asleep lately I've been listening to some movies. The last couple of nights it's been Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. That movie is seriously in my top ten favourites. Other movies I've been drifting to sleep to: 500 Days of Summer and Like Crazy. I like to fall asleep to movies that are somewhat calm and that I've seen a million times so that I know exactly what's happening even if my eyes are shut. It's probably not good for my sleep but I've never had the healthiest sleeping habits so oh well!
Wishing for: a much craftier life! Since I did my wreath yesterday all I can think about is crafting. I really want my life to be creatively inspired so I think I will start looking up some fun crafts to do for all of the upcoming seasons. I think my first craft will be some bunting! I've been wanting some for my room for a long time so I think I will research some! Stay tuned.!

Wishing everyone a wonderful hump day! Hope it's a smooth transition to the end of the week.

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