Saturday, 29 September 2012

Happy Saturday Y'all!

This outfit is brought to you by....Friday! I felt mighty cute running around campus yesterday in this ensemble.  Shorts and tights are most definitely my favourite fall trend.

So, yesterday was a gooood day. I had evil teacher day but luckily we worked in groups the whole time. My group was really great and I met a boy in my group who hated the prof as much as I did so I had someone to laugh with for the whole class. Shared hatred really works to bond people! I came home, went to our favourite Vietnamese/Thai restaurant with Jordan and then saw Pitch Perfect with Erika. Seriously, Pitch Perfect is the best movie ever. Erika and I laughed the entire time. Such a feel good!

Today I've been to the market where I bought flowers and baby pumpkins and then ate lunch on the lake with my mom and stepdad. Now I'm lying in bed watching old episodes of The Real World: New Orleans. I can't help it, my obsession with the Real World will never go away! I think Jordan and I are gonna see The House at the End of the Street. I am excited!

Enjoy your Saturday my precious pals!


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