Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Fall Wreath DIY

Today was my day off and instead of doing my homework, as I should have, I decided to make this beautiful wreath that I had seen different bloggers try their hand at. It was super easy, pretty cheap to make and turned out beautifully, in my humble opinion. It took me about two hours because wrapping the wreath is very redundant and slow but I just watched Sex and the City while I did this so it was still fun.

Here's what you'll need:
In addition to a glue gun I used one medium sized foam wreath, three different colours of fall yarn, orange ribbon, a fake bird and assorted fall coloured buttons. I found all of these at Michael's.

First I wrapped the wreath three quarters of the way with the yellow yarn and then used the last quarter to create a little design. 
I did this design as inspired by another bloggers wreath (which I will share with you in a few seconds). When transitioning to a different colour I simply tied a knot in the string and then began wrapping with the new colour. It looked like this:
After that I simply grabbed my glue gun and glued on my buttons, birds and bows. How's that for an alliteration!? And that was that!

And as you know, this is what you get:

Now I do believe I owe a couple of bloggers some recognition. My initial idea came from elizabethhaleytyson.blogspot.ca. I'd give you a link to her blog but it's down right now for renovations (if that's what you call it). Here's her wreath:
You can see how much her wreath inspired me!

A Beautiful Mess  also has a tutorial for a wreath which helped me get the logistics of the project. Here how theirs looked:
Pretty gorgeous huh!? 

Well I hope you enjoyed my very first DIY! I can't promise that there will be more because most of my crafts usually turn out as busts but never say never!


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