Wednesday, 5 September 2012

My Love

Please allow me to introduce you to Jordan. I've mentioned him MANY times on here but this is the first time I've ever shared his name with you. I feel it's time. 

Now let me tell you a couple of things about Mr.Jordan and I. We went to high school together and were part of a tight group of 8 friends. After Prom 60 of us went to a bunch of cottages in Wasaga and that weekend Jordan and I really clicked for the first time. We tried seeing what would come of it over the summer but it didn't work out. I went off to Ottawa that fall, a six hour car ride away, and he stayed in Hespeler. Even though we were far away we continued to talk almost every single day and every time I came home I couldn't help but feel that our relationship bordered on more than friendship. When our group of 8 decided to go to Montreal over Christmas break that year I was really excited. The seven of them picked me up in Ottawa and we all ran off to enjoy the 18 year old drinking age. Long story short, Jordan and I left Montreal a couple! Finally admitting our feelings turned out to be the easy part because we now found ourselves in a long distance relationship. We talked every single day and skyped every night but it was so hard. I came home once and sometimes twice a month for the entire second semester. It was one of the hardest things I ever had to do but it made us so strong as a couple. We built so much trust during this time and fell in love while separated by all those miles. When the semester was over I made the decision to try to transfer home. My heart was no longer in Ottawa. While Jordan wasn't the only reason I decided to move home, he was a big part of it.

Now Mr. Jordan and I have been together for almost three years! We've grown up and changed so much together and I love him so much. You'll probably be hearing lots more about him so I thought I'd finally let you know who the real man is that I've been referring to as "the boyfriend" all this time.

Thanks for listening!


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