Sunday, 23 September 2012

They're Gone

It's official my friends, the microdermals are gone :( I for one, am thoroughly depressed.

Yesterday I worked up all my courage to drag my butt down to the piercers to get them out. I showed the piercer, who is named Jesse, and he thought my left one was rejecting too so we went ahead and decided to take them out. I laid back in the chair, grabbed Jordan's hand and prepared myself for a world of pain. Jesse started with the right piercing. I waited for the excruciating pain but it never came. I felt a little pain but NOTHING compared to the pain when I was getting the ones on my neck out. When he moved onto the left I was feeling no fear...until Jesse began. The left piercing was in there GOOD! It took about a minute to get it out and it was one minute of pure pain. OW! Luckily it was over after that. Now I'm just living in a time I like to call Post-Dermals. Only Spiderman band-aids can try to fill the void for now.

In better news, when I changed my band-aids today it didn't look like there was too much damage so they should heal fine. I'm very sad that they're gone but I guess it had to happen eventually.

So that is the story of the end of the era of microdermals. See you tomorrow my friends when I share the secret of the week and give you my weekend update.

Happy Sunday!


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