Thursday, 31 January 2013

It's (my) Friday

*instead of jumping for joy, I pose for joy. respect yo*

So friends, today is my Friday and I'm suppperrrr happy about it. Every weekend is a three day weekend for me. Jealous? Of course you are! Don't worry, I have an essay to write and countless readings to read but the idea of being free from school and work is always a very welcome feeling. 

Today didn't go by too slowly because I was a busy, busy girl at work. All work and no play leads to a fast paced day. Tonight I got some reading done and in between have been watching lots of tv. I took my nail polish off, painted my nails and took the polish off three separate times before putting back on the original colour. Such an indecisive girl!

Tomorrow I'm waking up early to go grocery shopping with my momma. If I don't go with her I never get anything I want. SO much fruit is in my future. Yum yum. Afterwards I'm spending the day with Jordan but I've told him that we are allowed to watch a half hour of Seinfeld and then I have to read for a half hour and repeat Sounds like a pretty decent day to me considering I'll be with my love and getting work done. Two birds. One stone. I'll be continuing this multi tasking theme by getting in my best friend time at the gym tomorrow night. Yay me. that you know my every move for the next 24 hours I'll leave you alone. I'm very busy right now watching horrible reality tv (and loving it).


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