Tuesday, 15 January 2013


I just feel as if I really needed to come on here and tell you how much I appreciate every single person who takes the moments out of their day to read about my little world. I get so much happiness out of blogging. I seriously cannot even stay away. I love to post every day and share with you. I would probably do it if the number of views never changed but I love it when it does. Makes me feel special so here is a big MUAH to y'all (and a little eyelash batting too!)

Hope you guys have a wonderful Tuesday. I need to get ready for bed because it hit me today that since I get out of work so late on Tuesdays and go to school early on Wednesdays that I have less than 12 hours between the two. Total bummer. I'm trying to work on getting enough sleep because that seems to be the area of health that I lack the most on lately and boy does it affect all of the work I do in other areas so I must prepare to get some shut eye tonight. 

Bye bye my loves


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