Saturday, 19 January 2013

Saturday Slumming

*Please refer to the above picture if you're wondering how I'm feeling these days*

Man oh man I've been a busy, busy lady lately. It's been nuts. Thursday I worked all day long (it actually felt like the longest day of my life). After work I went over to Jordan's for dinner and then out to see Les Mis with his momma and Grandma. It was pretttyyy good. It had a lot of singing and was a little long but the kids in the movie were phenom. So cute.

Yesterday I went to spin class with Erika and her mom. Check out my workout digs:
Pretty rad, right? I know. It was quite the class. I say this every time but I don't think I've ever sweat that much. It feels soooo good. 

After that Erika put me to work helping her paint her apartment. When her and her family moved last year their home included an apartment (just like mine) and Erika is going to be moving in when it gets finished (hopefully Feb.) Since I made her and Robin help me paint my apartment last year, it was my turn to return to favour. 
*Please excuse my post workout grungyness/frumpyness* 

Painting is like the arm workout of the century. Suprisingly my arms aren't quite killing me today but I'm pretty positive my biceps should be at least an inch bigger judging by all of my work yesterday (but I doubt it haha).

After our painting I ran home to take a shower and then Erika and I saw The Impossible. Seriously you guys, this is the most heart-wrenching, saddening, beautiful movies ever. The little boys in the movie are toooo adorable and it's just such a beautiful story and it's true. So good.

After that Erika and I went to catch the end of Robin's hockey game and then went home. Busy busy days around here.

My sister is staying with us this weekend because her husband is away on business so I'm enjoying spending time with her and beautiful Clyde:
I loovvveee him. 

Tonight my family has been invited to Jordan's for dinner. Can't wait for all the yummy-ness. His mom is the best cook. 

Well I must be off to do some readings before I have to get ready for dinner.

Happy Saturday


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