Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Where is my Mind?

So I think I have gone crazy or something. I woke up this morning, got ready, made some breakfast and was watching Wristcutters: A Love Story while enjoying my delicious bagel with honey when my mom called me. She was like "Why haven't you left yet, it's almost 8:30." And that's when it hit me...I obviously had a brain aneurism at some point yesterday because my mind thought for some reason that I had to leave at 8:30 instead of class starts at 8:30 (What the hell, brain?) I don't even know what happened but I decided that even though the class is 3 hours long that I could not go a half hour to an hour late. That's just embarrassing. I mean, would you walk into a class that late? Me neither...obviously. So I'm still watching Wristcutters and now find myself to be free until 2:30. I'm not actually free because I'm going to use this time to read...eventually.

The worst part about missing class today is that we are deciding which groups for our presentations we will be in and since I don't know anyone in my class I was just going to raise my hand for a topic and join some random group. Now I have to email the professor to add me to some random group and then email them and be like "hey...I'm your problem now." Dammit. It's very hard to be a commuter kid. I don't really know anyone at my school because I transferred there at the beginning of second year (when everyone had already met everyone) and then I only go for my classes which we do not generally talk in. I do talk to the odd person during my classes when we are asked to get into groups but I don't have relationships with anyone at my school. It can be a bummer when it comes to group projects and what not but I have so many great relationships already in my life that I don't feel deprived. Mostly it's just difficult to make friendships in an environment when we are expected to sit quietly and then leave. Such is life. 

In honour of my complete brain fart here is one of my very favourite songs. It's quiet suiting:

Well. I'm off to read and try to enjoy these unexpected hours of in which I can sit on the couch and drink lots and lots of coffee and tea.


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