Wednesday, 30 January 2013


Obsessing over: bangs. I am seriously considering getting me some straight across bangs a la Zooey Deschannel. I'm obsessed with her and everything she does/wears. I've been watching a lot of New Girl lately and dreaming about what I would look like with some fringe on the old forehead. 

Working on: catching up on my readings. In two weeks I am going to be faced with hell week. Hell week is my name for the week before reading week where I have two midterms, a presentation and a paper due. Yikes. I also have a paper due Monday so I'm trying to get all my readings in order to I'm fully prepared.

Thinking about: applying for jobs. Yesterday my mom and I got my resume and cover letter in order and I sent out three. One to E! channel, one to MuchMusic and one to a PR firm. SO stressful. They're all behind the scenes jobs and I'm starting to get really excited about them. I don't really expect to get a job at E! or MuchMusic right out of the gate but I figured I'd give it a shot. I'm going to try applying around here some more but if I get a good offer in Toronto then I'm packing my bags baby. A life in the city sounds like purrrrfection.

Feeling: oh so sleepy. Does dreary weather ever do that to you?? It's getting weirdly warmer around here and so the would-be snow is being sent down in the form of rain, and lots of it. When it's so overcast like this I just want to curl up and watch a movie which I think I'll be doing with Jordan tonight (don't worry, the movie I plan to watch will help me with a presentation I have during hell week- double win).

Wanting: more time! I seriously sat in class today wishing I was one of the vampires from Twilight because they don't need to sleep. Think about how productive I could be if I didn't need those precious 8 hours! The immortality bit doesn't sound too rough either.

Wishing for: work tomorrow to go quickly. I work from 8-5 tomorrow and that usually feels pretty long. It's crazy to me that I worked for 12+ hours at the news station where I interned and didn't even notice but one hour feels so slow at my current job. I guess that's why they tell you to do what you love! 

Have a hip-happy Wednesday y'all!


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