Sunday, 6 January 2013

I'm Back

I am back from my vacation!! It was pretty wild and completely different that we had ever planned but it all worked out and I got to relax in the sun! Amazing!

I have so much to tell you guys but I want to upload my pictures first so you can really see. It may take a day or two so be patient with me. We got back Saturday morning at 3am and then I spent the afternoon with Erika and her family doing a wonderful hike through the forest. So beautiful. After that I had dinner with my family and then Erika and I went to Toronto to see Shauna and meet up with a few people. We had so much fun last night laughing and dancing in this bar. I, always the boring one, chose not to drink so I could drive get into my own bed at the end of the night but I still had so much fun being silly with my best friends. Erika and I got home at 4 this morning so I am yet to get out of my pajamas yet today. I did however make myself a wonderful breakfast featuring a strawberry, banana, kale and flax seed smoothie. Try it out. Seriously.

I`m so glad to be back home and can`t wait to share my vacation with you.

Hope everyone had a very happy holiday season and hope you guys are still keeping to those new years resolution! I haven`t had any diet soda yet AND have seriously curbed the chocolate eating. Yay me.

Bye for now blog pals


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