Monday, 7 January 2013


So the time has finally come to share my vacation with you! 

I mentioned earlier that it was crazier than we ever expected and it sure was. You might be confused that this post is entitled Jamaica when I was supposed to go on a cruise and go to Florida. That's why this was so crazy!

On the 21st my mom, stepdad and I left the house at 4am to head off to the airport and get to our cruise. We checked in and when we were going through customs we got stopped. They asked us to go all go to a separate area because something came up on the computer when they scanned my moms passport. After a lot of waiting they told my mom she wasn't allowed to fly because when we moved home from the states 10 years ago, because my Dad's visa expired and we still didn't have citizenship, her and my dad were supposed to turn in their visas but instead threw them out because they didn't know any better. Because my mom and stepdad have a condo in Florida they were afraid my mom was trying to go live in the states without permission. Apparently it was amazing to them that she hadn't been stopped before. It was pretty heartbreaking. All of the things I had been so excited to do flashed before my eyes. My mom and stepdad sat down and told me that my mom couldn't go but if I still wanted to that my stepdad and I could go on the cruise and meet Jordan in Florida after. Of course I chose to stay home. I couldn't imagine the vacation without my mom and would never let her spend the holidays at home alone. After we got home (at 7am) I went to sleep and my mom and David got to trying to cancel everything and get our money back. They cancelled a lot of things and got us vouchers for what we couldn't and booked a trip for me, Jordan, my mom and David to Jamaica over the new year and that is how we ended up in Jamaica. (wow that was a lot to type).

So, without further adieu, here are the pictures of our wonderful and completely unexpected trip
 Handsome man on our way to Falmouth (a historic town about 30 minutes from our resort)
 This is Falmouth- there was nothing to see but we walked around for an hour anyways
 There were SO many poor stray dogs and I had to resist the urge to bend down and pet their sad faces
We are really weird...but I like it
The trip was the most relaxing time I've ever had on vacation. I literally parked my butt on a beach chair every single morning until lunch, took a nap after lunch, grabbed a little more sun time, had dinner and then played games with the family over drinks SO nice. All inclusive is the way to go if you want to live in a world where it feels like you are the king. Everything is "free" (by which I mean you've already paid for it but you get to walk around the resort and anything you want is yours- so much food eating occurred this way).

So that was my vacation. I spent new years eve sipping strawberry daiquiris and playing UNO before me and Jordan kissed in the resort square at midnight while confetti and balloons fell around us. Pretty perfect.

Hope you enjoyed my very long tale of vacations lost and found.


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