Tuesday, 22 January 2013

I did it

I made it to spin this morning!
It was probably the toughest workout I've had so far because I was feeling dead. I'm feeling dead a lot these days. I tried to give my all but I can't be sure I did. Damn fatigue!

I have to work soon which is a major, major bummer. It all feels like a bummer as of late so please excuse my complaining spree lately. It will pass but until then I suggest we all hunker down and enjoy some self pity. Thanks.

I'm done work at nine tonight and then I have to finish a paper due tomorrow. I'm thinking it shouldn't be too hard to get 'er done. I'm about a third done so far just gotta puuusssshhhh through.

Now I need a cawfeeee before work and to continue watching Garden State before I have to leave. How awesome is this movie? It's so good and I'm at one of my favourite parts (where they go get the locket in the quarry. I la-la-love when they all stand on top of the crane and scream and then Zach Braff kisses Natalie Portman. Ugh I just got goosebumps). Well I'll free you from my incessant complaining. Thanks for lending your ears. And "good luck exploring the infinite abyss" as Garden State would suggest.


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