Thursday, 24 January 2013

Out of Commission

Hello pals, sorry the blog has been pretty quiet the last couple of days but I a flu/ have sore muscles all over. I don't know what I did in spin but I hurt my back and neck...yeah, reaaaalll impressive Taylor. I spent Tuesday night hanging out with my hot water bottle and right before bed I started to get chest pains. I still had them when I woke up yesterday and reluctantly went to class. By 10:30 I knew I should go home but I had a class at 2:30 that I need to hand a paper in to. Luckily I checked online and my professor had office hours right now and on the floor above me. I popped out of class, went upstairs and explained to my professor that I couldn't come. He was so nice. He took my paper and thanked me for coming to hand it in. It was more for my benefit than his but he's so sweet. He's like a super nerdy history geek and every time he calls someone's name on the attendance he reads their name, searches for their arm in the crowd and then smiles when he finds them. It's just so genuine and nice. It made me fall in love with him a little bit...but then he starts droning on and I lose my appreciation for him haha. 

I spent all day yesterday lying on a heated pad, taking naps and watching movies with Jordan. It was nice. Today I was supposed to work but I had to tell my mom and David that I couldn't go. I woke up and felt fine and then all of a sudden all of my sickness and soreness came rushing back, including this damn upset stomach. So now I'm watching The Truman Show and preparing to get some readings done too. Might as well use this time to my advantage. 

Stay healthy kids


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