Tuesday, 15 January 2013


Obsessing over: my Macbook obviously. I've become a photo booth whore as you can see above. Get used to it. I'm still trying to figure it all out but basically I've neglected everything else in my life so far in order to play with my pretty pretty computer. Sorry school work, you'll just have to wait.

Working on: getting ready for work. I have to work 1pm to 9pm today which sounds really crappy but I actually like it because after 5pm everyone leaves and then I have the place to myself so I can put mtv.ca on in the background and just relax while doing my work. I can be so much more productive when I'm also allowed to kick my feet up.

Thinking about:  my readings, as usual. I have SO many to do. How does anyone manage their time without losing it. I really need to get a schedule going because I'm once again faced with managing school time, work time, workout time, boyfriend time, best friend time and relaxing time. Yikes.

Feeling: pretty happy today. I woke up and went to a spin class with my friend Emma. It was tough but oh so good. I love when I'm sitting on the bike completely dying and then manage to tell myself "your mind gives up before your body does" and then find my legs pedalling faster. I do completely hate working out sometimes but it's more rewarding than not. I love feeling like I've given everything I've got.

Wanting: to stay on this couch all day long. There are so many movies that could be watched and so many hours playing on my Macbook to be had. Alas I must leave in 45 minutes but who can complain about making money? Not me!

Wishing for: a productive week for myself and everyone around me (that means you guys too). It's a busy busy time of year for us students and hard to get our heads in gear but we can do it (we have before).

Mucho love-o


*p.s I just realized that it's Tuesday and not Wednesday today. Guess you're getting your Currently post a little early this week. Lucky ducks.

*p.p.s who likes my outfit today (I do!)

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