Saturday, 3 August 2013

Saturday Night

Sometimes your boyfriend is with the boys and your best friend is with her boyfriend and all of the other ladies that you love are busy doing something-or-other and you find yourself at home alone on a Saturday night. How do you feel about this? Well it's definitely nothing to feel bad about! Nights alone are to be treasured!  I used to be pretty bummed when I was in high school if there was nothing going on on a Saturday night but now I like it. I get to hang out in my pyjamas, watch chick flicks and get my laundry done. Oh how I savour these nights.

Today was a pretty good day too as far as days go.

Today I:
- Worked out in the morning with Tessa
-Went out for lunch with Jordan
-Spent the afternoon shopping (where I spent a tad too much money but am totally okay with it)
-Made dinner with Jordan
-Went out for frozen yogurt
-Took a fabulous nap
- Smiled a lot

Tomorrow Jordan and I are going to the trailer for the day. It should be a good day with lots of family and friends. I also get Monday off so I'm pretty excited about the fact that the weekend is only half over.

Have a wonderful night pals. I know I will.


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