Monday, 5 August 2013

Summertime Happiness

*Best part of summer? The hydrangeas are in full bloom!*

Long weekends are the best. Amiright? Of course I am! 

Yesterday Jordan and I spent the day at the trailer with my family. He played golf while us ladies sat around snacking and chatting. Jordan and I left after dinner and came home to spend time with Erika and Jon. The four of us hung out in the hot tub and watched a movie afterwards. It was a nice relaxing Sunday.

Today Jordan and I have been lazing around hard.  We woke up a couple of hours ago and have yet to get out of our pyjamas. We're great like that. At 2 Erika and Jon are picking us up to go to Toronto. Erika and I are going to do a little apartment hunting and then the four of us are gonna go out for dinner. Should be a fun day.

This week I will be:
- Only working three days (woot woot)
- Going to a filming of Citytv's Fashion Friday in Toronto (that's why I'm only working three days). Apparently you get sweet loot bags at the end with designer swag. So excited.
- Trying to get some running in (I'm training for a 7K obstacle course in September)
- Maybe getting some fake nails (I don't know why but I'm feeling a need to get some haha)

Yeah...I have a very useless week ahead of me. That's what you get when you only work 3 days and you are coming off of a long weekend and looking forward to another one.

Have a good week!


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