Monday, 19 August 2013

Weekend Update

This weekend I got to see some very beautiful people get married.

And I got to wear a pretty dress:

Taryn and Dave's wedding was beautiful! Taryn, of course, looked gorgeous! Their first dance was so cute, the bridesmaids dresses were beautiful and Tessa (her maid of honour and sister, and one of my oldest and closest friends) cried during her speech, which made me cry too.

Taryn and Dave have a beautiful baby names Shay, who is 9 months old. I was in charge of taking care of her for the night. Because I am around Jackson so much, Taryn thought I would be perfect to watch Shay on their big day. I was, of course, very happy to help. Shay was pretty fussy all during dinner because it had been such a long day for her. There is just no reasoning with babies! The two of us headed out right after dessert. I just wanted to get that sleepy baby home and to bed. I stayed at Taryn and Dave's for the night and Taryn's mom came over early to relieve me of my duties. It was all pretty easy after I got Shay to bed. I read and watched episodes of Sex and the City until bed. Not too shabby.

I woke up at 8am the next day when I heard Shay crying and Taryn's mom go in to get her (I was officially relieved of my duties and ready to get my butt home!) I got dressed, chatted with Taryn's mom for a few and then headed home. It was eery to be home early and not have my mom or stepdad up yet. I made some coffee and breakfast and sat out on the porch reading. Those two lazy bums didn't show their faces until 11:30! Sheesh! The day was spent taking apart my bed, cleaning the garage and moving things up there to make it easier for the move this weekend. It's weird that my room is empty and that I'm sleeping in the spare room. I can't even believe I'm moving this weekend. It doesn't feel real.

This week is my last week as an intern before I have a week off and then officially start as an Associate Editor. Pretty crazy right? Well, I have a ton to get done before the end of this week so I have to focus.

Have a fabulous Monday.


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