Tuesday, 6 August 2013

The Big City

*Obligatory picture of the CN Tower that won't be necessary when I'm a city dweller!*

Yesterday was kind of a perfect day. Jordan and I woke up at our leisure and lazed around all afternoon (as I informed you in my last post). After Erika and Jon picked us up and we headed off to the big city. We went to see an apartment but I am not gonna talk too much about that for superstitious reasons. The four of us went downtown and out for dinner after. It was dee-licious. After Erika, Jordan and I headed home I bribed Erika with Menchies if she would go for a jog with Tessa and I. We`re pretty counterproductive like that. So after our jog the three of us piled into the car so that we could pile frozen yogurt into our bellies. I looove me some fro-yo with assorted toppings. Whoever invented this idea is my hero.

I am so excited to live in the city soon. I just love the fact that I`m going to be on my own and independent for the first time in my life. I can come and go as I please, do whatever I want and finally feel complete freedom. It`s going to be super tough but so rewarding. Plus, I`ll finally be close to a big city like I`ve dreamed about since I can remember.

Well kids, I leave you with that. I`m off to daydream about my big city life while pretending to work all day.


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