Thursday, 8 August 2013

Peter Pan and I have a lot in common

We both enjoy the collars that he was named after and we both do not want to grow up. Unfortunately, unlike Mr. Pan, I have to grow up. If this is the case then I might as well do it in a way that I enjoy. Which brings me on to my next piece of news: we got an apartment!

That's right people, Toronto is happening. We are signing the lease on Monday and we get the keys Thursday. Can you believe that?? We won't be moving in that soon though. We'll move in slowly for a week and then officially bring all our stuff there on the 24th. I'm super excited. It's super cute and has hardwood floors, and a washer and dryer (which is a big deal) and I got the biggest room (fate was on my side). Now I need to worry about packing which is always such a pain.

Mostly I'm excited to be on my own and near the city and living with my best friend. Gosh there's so much change to come! I can't wait to show you my new digs when we get there!


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