Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Double Dueces...or something hip like that

That's right people...the big day is here...or just got here. It's officially midnight and I am officially 22. Cue some Taylor Swift...no seriously, I want today to be just like her video. I want red heart shaped sunglasses and a cat ear headband.

What does turning 22 mean? Well, nothing in particular...actually probably nothing at all. I've already gotten all my presents and they were all for my apartment (such an adult, aren't I?) Funny thing is that I was really excited about all of my "grown up" gifts! I got a new bedspread, an amazing owl vase, my very own magic bullet, and basically anything someone might need to survive but wouldn't think to buy on their own thanks to my wonderful and thoughtful mom. She is smart enough to know that there are some things that seem like they just "appear" when you're living at home but actually have to be bought...like shampoo and conditioner and all of those things. Now I won't have to worry about that for a while. What a doll!

I made a birthday playlist on grooveshark but I couldn't find out how to share it on here (womp womp). You can find it here though if you're interested. The songs seem pretty random but they all have some kind of connection to getting older or birthdays or age. It can get pretty hard to see the theme when I put songs like Bangarang on there by Skrillex because he's singing about the lost boys, who were in Peter Pan, who never wanted to grow up. See what I did there? Yeah I'm pretty convinced that if I ever owned a record store or bookstore that I'd have an insane filing system that only I understood. Radiohead? That goes under R. Nirvana? That goes under S for Suicide because Kurt Cobain killed himself. Seemingly no rhyme or reason...but actually quiet a complex one. But...I digress.

Now, I must go and get my beauty rest because I'm heading to my apartment tomorrow nice and early. My mom is taking me to get groceries and then her, my sister and I are going out for a birthday lunch. I'm excited!

xoTaylor (le birthday girl)

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