Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Getting Things Done

*What I've been doing all week*

So I must apologize in advance because I don't know how wonderful of a blogger I will be during this transition from living at home to moving to the big city. Let's all hope that I can stay on top of things but I am already running around like a madwoman and this week will only get busier.
This is my last week as an intern so I am trying to finish all of my projects before I leave. It's proving to be incredibly difficult. I have a ton left to do and I feel like I lost my biggest helper (the girl I have been working a lot finished her internship last week.) I wish I could keep sending her stuff and get her to keep helping me edit and finish projects haha. Just goes to show that good help is hard to find! On top of my internship work, I am also working tonight and tomorrow night from 3-7 at my secretary job so that I can have Friday off. Jordan took Today, tomorrow and Friday off for a little break and we want to spend the day together on Friday because it's my last day before I move!
So basically, I have been very busy this week and I will only find myself getting busier. I might go crazy but let's hope not. If you don't hear from me until next week that is why!
Wish me luck for the rest of this wild week!

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