Friday, 16 August 2013

The Inevitable

*New Mantra*

With moving comes the inevitable task of re-evaluating all of your worldly possessions. This is very hard for me because my possessions (mainly my clothing) are all I have to show for all of the work that I've done over the last 8 years. I haven't spent my money on a car, I didn't buy a lot of furniture, mostly I just bought clothes. Also, like most other women, I am very attached to the possibility of wearing something. I have lots of shirts that I haven't worn in over a year but day...I just might want to. I'm the worst like that.

The problem is that I'm going from a massive walk-in closet to one that is half the size. Therefore, I really need to downsize. Bummer! I've also been spending a lot of my free time mentally planning out where I want everything in my room to go. I can't help but be an A-type with things like that.

Mainly, I'm just super excited to move in! Yesterday my mom, stepdad and I took two car loads of stuff to my apartment. I took 3/4 of my clothes, all my kitchen stuff, all my knickknacks and anything that I won't be using for the next week that would fit in the car. Most of the stuff left to take is the big stuff like my bed, couch etc. I don't know how it's all gonna fit in Erika's dad's trailer but she assures me it will (still feel anxiety about it anyways!).

Tomorrow is Taryn's wedding! I've been appointed to take care of her baby all day/night. It will be quite the task but I'm happy to do it for such a beautiful couple. Also, I cry at weddings so there will definitely be some of that going on. Mostly I'm excited to get all dolled up! I have two dresses in the running but I'm not deciding until tomorrow. Whatever feels right is the one that will win.

Well, I should get back to work. Have a happy happy happy Friday!


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