Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Nesting Ain't Just for Birds

I have a small obsession with home decor. It's probably one of my favourite things to pin about on pinterest and bedrooms are by far my favourite things to look at. I love to go over to people's houses and see their rooms and look at all of the personal touches that they've put in. Your bedroom is the place where you're allowed to decorate the most for yourself. I love that. 

My bedroom is of course, my favourite room of our new apartment. I've really been able to decorate it the way I've been wanting to. My last bedroom was Paris themed and by the time I got here I was very over that. My bedroom now reflects who I am a lot more. 

So, I thought I'd share some photos of my new room with you guys! Just a disclaimer: I'm no photographer. I do not know anything about capturing things in the right light and blah blah blah so bear with me here.
 Like the bedspread? I'm obsessed with it
 I wanted me desk to be extra pretty because it's where I'm going to be working a lot. My desk belonged to my stepdad's grandmother. It works perfectly in my room and the history of it makes it even more special.
 That little baby owl on my desk belonged to Jordan's grandpa. I never got to meet him but he seemed like a wonderful man. I was pleased as punch when Jordan told me I could have the owl. It meant so much to him and he knew that I loved owls so he told me to take it and put it to good use because it was just sitting in his closet. I love it dearly and make sure I'm always taking good care of it!
 I saw the idea for the clip boards here and although I didn't have any patterned clip boards I think they turned out alright. I got all of the pictures from pinterest. My favourite board is the one on the left! I love all of the little messages that I'll be able to look upon while I'm working.
 Ah my beautiful record player. I'm very very sad because something happened during the move and it isn't working right now but I will get it fixed soon and I'll be back to spinning my favourite records again!
 This is my bedside table with the beautiful new owl vase from my sister and Pat! I didn't have anything to put in it but it's just too beautiful to put away!
 Oh hey, there's me!

Well boys and girls, that is my new bedroom. I must leave now because Erika and her mom are here and they're starting to clean. I think I'll give them a hand!


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