Sunday, 1 September 2013

Dancing Ladies, Art Exhibits and Board Games

*Tessa, me and Katie. Aren't we presh?*

I've had a seriously wonderful weekend so far and guess what, it's not over! It's a long weekend this weekend! Hooray for that!

Friday night my friends from home came up because Tessa is moving back to B.C for school next week. So sad but I was glad we could get the girls and boys together for one last hurrah. All together 5 of them came up and slept on my living room floor (crazy kids). We all went out to a club and danced the night away. I wish I could say I looked this beautiful and composed all night but when you never ever  drink and then go out like a wildcat...well it ain't cute haha. But we had fun!

The next morning we all went out for breakfast before they headed home. My beautiful friend Shauna came over to see them before they left. After Shauna and I watched Pitch Perfect her boyfriend Mike came over. The three of us headed downtown to the Art Gallery of Ontario to see an exhibit. After that we headed to his house, watched a movie, ate dinner and then a couple of his friends came over and we played a board game. Have you ever heard of the board game Nightmares? Well I hadn't and I sucked! You play a VHS during the game ('s from 1991) and a zombie comes on and tells you what to do. Because I rolled the highest number he affectionately called me Dirtbag and then proceeded to pick on me the whole game by making me miss turns and get stuck in the Black rude.

Today Jordan is coming to visit and I think we will go out for a nice dinner but other than that we have no plans. Hopefully we can come up with something exciting to do. That's the great thing about being near a big city though, there will always be something for us to do!

Have a happy long weekend!

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