Friday, 13 September 2013

Back to School

*My brand new back to school shoes because who am I to break such a tradition?*

I had my first day back to school today and last day of university. It's an 8:30am Friday morning class (which most people hate but I kind of like). Despite the fact that I wish I didn't even have to take a class this year, it seems like it should be pretty interesting. One class down, eleven more to go my friends. Another bonus: there is no midterm or final exam for this course. Boo-yah. Also, I'm one of those weird people who get's super anxious when I hear that we have to pick our presentation topics from a pre-decided list. We're having a lottery to decide which order people get to pick in. This is probably my worst nightmare because I already have a topic I'm dying to do and I'll probably get number 20 or something. If I was still in the third grade I'd be squirming in my seat with the anticipation. I'm that kid.

In other news, I have had a wonderfully relaxing couple of days. I have had very little to do since I've been home and Jordan has been working lots so I've spent lots of time in my pyjamas on the couch watching movies. I watched The Dark Knight Rises last night and Moonrise Kingdom this afternoon. Both solid picks. 

Tomorrow I am running a 7K race/obstacle course. I'm terrified. My aunt pressured me into it. The picture shows people crawling through the mud, trudging through waist high water and climbing over school buses, yeah you heard me, school buses! Wish me luck.

Oh and don't forget: today's Friday the 13th!

Who's ready for Halloween already? I am!


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