Thursday, 19 September 2013

Instagram: An Ode to What I Eat and Drink, And Random Parts of my Body

Last week Erika and I were in Blacks so she could get some photos developed. Me and her boyfriend Jon were looking around the store and saw a section that they were launching where they were printing instagram photos. Jon was pointing to the poster and was like "That's pretty cool" and I said "Yeah...Not really that into it." And the worker who was lingering around us was like "would you be into it if I told you it was free?" My answer was of course, yes.

So Erika and I made instagram posters and I love mine! It's funny to see my instagrams like this because it's very obvious that I like to take pictures of my coffees, the bottom half of my face and my legs. Guess I have a "thing" going. I can't decide if I want to frame it or just tack it on the wall with pins or maybe washi tape. Decisions decisions. Maybe if I can get a cheap frame that would be ideal...seeing as the poster was free as it is.

The good news for you is that they only cost $10.00. Pretty sweet huh? (Sidenote: I should probably get paid by Blacks..this sounds like an infomercial).

So I'll stop "selling" this to you and talk about my love for instagram...maybe they should pay me too. It's hard to find inspiration sometimes to take beautiful pictures but when I get in the groove I find myself pulling out my iphone at every turn. I love looking back at old photos and having these wonderful little tidbits to remember every day by. One day I'll have to get an album made of every single photo (yeah...even the dumb ones) just so I can remember each and every moment that I once felt deserved documenting.

So here's to you instagram, sometimes you can be lame (what with all those "sexy" selfies people like to take without their shirts on in the mirror) but you've also made me see life in a much more beautiful way.


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