Thursday, 5 September 2013

Getting into the swing of things

As I mentioned in my last post, I had a wonderful week last week. I filled all my moments with friends, fun and food, but now I'm back into real life.

This week I started my job as Assistant Editor for the Women Who Run It e-magazine. It's not too big of an adjustment because I worked there all summer as an intern but it is definitely an adjustment to go from intern to staff. I'm learning new things everyday and, while it can be hard to feel so lost at times, I'm definitely finding my way thanks to the million questions I have been asking my boss!

I work from home so that means not even showering until 2pm, never making my bed anymore, multiple coffees during the day and working while chitchatting to my roommates as they come and go to class.

My next task is to find a part-time job. I've interviewed at two places and I'm waiting to hear back. Think good thoughts for me okay? This girl has got to get that rent covered!

Hope you enjoyed your week my loves.


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