Tuesday, 10 September 2013


I'm one of those people who completely thrives on routine. When I do the same thing every day it makes it easy for me to workout, eat well and get the things done that I need to get done. Since I've moved to Toronto I've had zero routine and it's only going to become less structured and more chaotic.

I just got a part time job at La Senza. I've worked there before (about two years ago) and got the job pretty easily because of that fact. I'm really happy that I got it because it will be easy for me to slip back into the groove of things and I won't have to worry anymore about not making the bills. Well, I may but at least I can worry less-so!

The thing about part-time work is that it's random. You can never say when you're going to work from one week to the next. There goes my structured life. I guess chaos is my new normal and I'll have to find the willpower in that to keep my health as a priority. Does anyone else find that it's harder to eat well on days when you're running around like crazy? I also live with my best friend so it's like a never-ending sleepover. There are always snacks around and someone is always making something to eat. It's been delicious, but tough. The good thing is that I've been working out more than ever (which is weird because I don't have a gym membership for the first time in two years). I guess there are pros and cons to every situation!

I'll keep you updated on my unscheduled and totally chaotic life and pursuit of health!


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