Monday, 26 August 2013

On My Own

*Yeah...I brought a ridiculous amount of stuff*
This weekend I finally made the leap and moved out of my parents house and now I'm officially on my own. What does that mean? Oh just that I have about a million bills to pay but also that I am independent for the first time in my life and in complete control of my life. It's pretty cool. Just lying in my bed and looking around made me realize: this is all mine and it's all because of me, no one else. It was a pretty cool feeling.
The move went pretty well. I was terrified that we wouldn't be able to fit everything in Erika's dad's trailer. I was bringing everything. I was the only one with a kitchen table and chairs, a couch and all of those things so I had a lot to bring. Luckily we fit everything and then headed to our new home. We had tons of help thanks to our wonderful families so we were unloaded pretty quickly. After we set up my bed and all ate I relieved my mom, stepdad, sister and brother-in-law of their duties so I could focus on unpacking. I'm someone who would prefer to unpack alone. I'd rather not have other people "helping" because it actually leaves me feeling frazzled because then I'm having to instruct someone the whole time and try to tell them where to put stuff that doesn't have a place yet. Luckily tricky Ikea furniture gave me my wish. Erika needed to put together a dresser and her and her mom asked Jordan for help. It took them 2 and a half hours! It looked very frusterating but gave me the free time I needed to unpack.

After the evil Ikea dresser was assembeled and Erika was unpacked, she sent her parents on their way and then Jordan, Erika, Jon and I went out for dinner. I love when the four of us hang out. It's always fun. We all came home and were too exhausted to watch a movie so we all went to bed. I loved staying in my apartment. I loved waking up and having my best friend in the room next to me so that we could make breakfast together and talk and just hang out. It's like you're always having fun because you've always got your best friend with you. I think Jordan enjoyed staying there too. He better have because he's gonna have to come visit me!

Jordan and I came home on Sunday because we had to go to his grandma's birthday party. Now I'm home until tomorrow and then I'm going back to my apartment for good. I miss it already!

Well, I think that's enough of an update for now. I have lots more to tell you but I'll save it for another post, don't want to overload you just yet!

Have a happy Monday!


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