Monday, 29 July 2013

Weekend Update

*From our attempt to go to the beach on Sunday but it was too cold! Boo*

Could this weekend have gone by any quicker? It feels like I was just sitting at my desk on Friday afternoon and yet, here I am again.

This weekend was exhausting because I went to a bachelorette party on Saturday. We traveled an hour and a half on Saturday morning to Grand Bend. 15 of us checked into a hotel and got ready to have a wild night. We started drinking after lunch, played lots of games, ate lots of snacks and eventually prettied ourselves up enough to go out for dinner and then to the bar. I feel as if I've been beat up. I don't think I can even handle drinking anymore now that I never do it. I was super hung over all of yesterday and I'm covered in cuts and blisters and sore spots. What did I get myself into? It was fun though! I just wish I didn't have two massive blisters on my big toes. This is what I get for trying to be fancy and wear some fabulous but not so comfy shoes. Oh well.

Today I'm back at the office doing what I do best: staring at a computer screen, chugging coffee and wishing I was in bed. I have a lot of work to do for my internship right now. We're working on getting through these training videos and they take forever. I wish I could learn through osmosis or something!

Anyways, I must get back to the videos, even though I don't want to.

Have a happy Monday!


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