Tuesday, 16 July 2013

It doesn't always come up roses

So lately I've been sharing my apartment hunting adventures with you and I thought that while I was sharing them that I was well on my way to finding the apartment but we have found ourselves back at square one.

Yesterday Erika and I were sold on the apartment that we had seen over the weekend. We were filling out paperwork, getting Kiki to do the same and getting all excited about the prospect of moving in for August 1st. Erika and I had already sent our paperwork to the owner and sent Kiki to the apartment to check it out too. Unfortunately, Kiki didn't share in our excitement. She has rented in Toronto for the last four years so she's definitely less naive than us. She made some valid points about the location and some issues with the apartment and told us that she wouldn't fault us for getting it still but she said that it wasn't the place for her. Erika and I can't afford the place without a third person and we don't have anyone right now. We could have gotten it anyways but we didn't want to risk a weird roommate situation so we're trusting in Kiki that we need to let that place go and find something better.

I'm pretty bummed because I got all my hopes up and was dreaming all about the move but it is what it is. If there is something better out there for us then we will have to go looking for it. It just sucks that we went from sending in paperwork, to being back at square one.

I am getting kind of anxious about the idea of never finding anywhere to live but I'm sure I'm just being dramatic. We just have to keep looking!

So I think I won't share too much about the moving process until we have officially signed the papers and found a place. No use getting everyone all excited!

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