Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Long Weekend Ramblings

I'll admit it: I haven't been the best blogger as of late. The weird thing is that I always want to blog but then I end up lazing around instead. I'm super unproductive like that.

This weekend was a nice long one. I had Friday and Monday off! Who doesn't love that? The weird thing is that it didn't even feel that long. It flew by!

Some highlights of my extra long weekend:
- Sleeping in until noon
- Fires in my back yards
- Mini road trips to pick up Jon, with Erika and Jordan and getting to explore his home town
- Running 5K with Jordan (man...that boy never jogs and I jog regularly and he kicked my butt!)
- Canada Day fireworks last night with Jordan, Erika, Nathan and Robin. Much fun!
- Swims in Jordan's pool
- Buying new records

So yes, it was indeed a very good weekend. Biggest bummer of my weekend: I'm now sick. Like...for real sick. Not the kind of sick where you just feel off and try your best to convince yourself that it's bad enough to be able to lay in bed all day (what...you don't do that too?). I'm the kinda sick where yah can't sleep cause your throat hurts and you have to leave work early because your whole body aches and feels so heavy and sleepy and you just have to pop Halls non-stop.

I came home from work at noon, made some tomato soup and then slept the entire afternoon away. Now I'm lying in bed in my pyjamas, sipping ginger ale and tea and watching episodes of TMZ. Next mission: find Sundays episode of True Blood. So sad I missed it. Sidenote: True Blood has soundtracks on vinyl. I must have one. I MUST.

Well kids, I will try my bestest to get my blogging schedule in check.

Mucho love-o


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