Thursday, 4 July 2013

Purchases, Apartments and My Day Today

Let's begin this post with talking about how amazing some of my purchases from last week were. First of all, I got two new record for my collection! I've been pretty obsessed with building it up lately and after I had to return something to HMV and could only get store credit for it, I of course felt the need to spend that money on new records. The She & Him record is beyond gorgeous and The Strokes always rule so yay for me. The other beautiful thing you see in the above picture is my future bedspread. I say future because my mom bought it for me and it's being put away for my birthday (at the end of August). I can't wait to use it in my new apartment.

Speaking of new apartments: we're yet to find ours yet. I don't know if I mentioned it yet but Erika and I will not be living with another girl (who is friends with Erika's boyfriend). I'm pretty excited about it! Should be fun to have an all girl pad. We've been sending each other apartment listings non stop. We're pretty anxious. I just hope we find one with big enough rooms (I'm having a mini stress fest about where all my stuff is gonna go!

Today I will be:
- Interning all day (I've got into the bad habit of interning from bed. )I wake up at my exact start time (extra bad habit), eat my Cheerios and then get to work. I've already worked on editing the e-book me and a couple of other girls have made and written an article. Yay for productivity.
- Washing my sheets (nothing feels better than this)
- Painting my nails (maybe...sadly I might not have time)
- Working my receptionist job from 2:30 to 5 to make up some of those hours I missed when I went home early on Tuesday
- Putting on a pretty dress to feel all kinds of Zooey Deschannel-esque

Well, I must be back to work. Gotta edit this piece I just wrote and submit it before lunch.


Ps. It's pay day today! Could there be a better kind of day? NO.

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