Monday, 22 July 2013

Weekend Warrior

Another weekend has come and gone, another Monday is here to slap us in the face (at least that's how I tend to feel when the alarm clock goes off on Monday mornings!)

This weekend felt wonderfully jam packed, I ate too much ice cream and got in tons of time with the people I loved. It was pretty great.

Friday night I spent the evening hanging out with Jordan. We went out for ice cream at midnight and watched Harry Potter. I could probably spend every night that way.

Saturday I woke up early and headed to the trailer with my sister, baby Jack and Clyde the dog (some of my very favourite people/one favourite pup). It was nice to spend lots of time with my big sister. My mom and David were at the trailer waiting for us and we all spent the afternoon talking and spending time outside. I read in the sun and chatted with my mom and sister while knitting. It was pretty wonderful. My sister, Jack,Clyde and I left after dinner and after I got home I immediately got ready to go out for the night. One of my friends had people over and we all hung out playing drinking games and sitting outside. It was pretty nice.

Yesterday Jordan and I woke up (after sleeping nice!) and headed to Paris, ON. Jordan wanted to go to a restaurant that he had eaten at once while he was working up there. We took the beautiful country drive only to find out that the restaurant he wanted to go to was closed on Sundays. Bummer. We found a nice pub in the cute little downtown area and chatted over deliciously greasy food. Since yesterday was National Ice Cream Day I had to get us some. We walked to a cute shop and enjoyed our ice cream on the drive home. When we got back into Cambridge we went to see The Conjuring. Probably the scariest movie ever. If you like scary movies then you need to go see it! At night I made up for all of my weekend ice cream indulgences by going on a run with Erika and Tessa. After the run we snacked on fruit and watched the Kardashians together. It was a good end to a wonderful weekend.

Today starts a new week and I feel mighty sleepy. I wish I could just curl up an take a nap. Too bad that today I have to:

- Intern until 2pm
- Work until 6
- Maybe go shopping for a new book? (I feel a little bit lost right now since I finished my book last night)
- Watch yesterdays episode of True Blood (I can't believe I forgot to record it last night!)
- Drink giant cups of coffee
- Knit and knit and knit and knit

Well kids, hope your Monday is going smoothly. I'm off to write for my internship.


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