Friday, 12 July 2013

Apartment Lusting

Erika, Kiki and I are looking for apartments in full force these days. We're sending tons of listings to each other and have even started going to see some. 

With all of this excitement swirling around I can't help but imagine how gorgeous it's gonna be. Here are some inspirations that I've seen on Pinterest lately.
 *Beautiful little setup. I love the greens*
 *This is so ecclectic and cozy! I know just where to get a window frame! Also I feel a serious need to make an owl pillow*
 *Oh the colours! Also, this is the same bed as the one I'll have in the city. Love love love it*
*I would love an apartment with radiators. They're just so beautiful*
 *And they're also functional. I would use mine as a shelf!*
 *I totally love the idea of a step stool as a bedside table. I found one at a vintage shop but it was $80. No bueno!*
 *Coolest cork board ever and obviously the most beautiful*

There's some of the beautiful decor ideas I've been collecting lately. Hope we can find a gorgeous place to put it all in soon!


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