Friday, 26 July 2013

Finishing a book is like saying goodbye to an old friend

You can really tell that you are mourning the end of a book when you find yourself making a list of 24 books to read...

I have always loved to read. I'm very proud of my love for reading. I cringe when people tell me "I never read" or "I don't like to read." Gosh, there's nothing better than getting obsessed with a book! I love how you need to carry it around with you everywhere just in case you get a chance to sneak in a page or two. I love how you see the world from the narrators point of view for the entire time you're reading it. It's like you have integrated someone else into your personality. It's so much better than watching a movie because you get to understand the characters so much better. I hope that when I have kids that they will love reading as much as I do, I sure as hell am going to try and make them!

Prior to making my very exciting list of future reads I finished Girl, Interrupted. I have loved the movie for quiet some time but I wanted to know the true story and I wanted to see exactly what Susanna Kaysen was feeling. It was a great read. I finished it in just a few days.

After I finished the book I felt like I had lost a friend. I needed something new to keep my company. Luckily one of my favourite blogs The Dainty Squid posted a new What I've been reading... post. She has great taste in books. We share a favourite author (Chuck Palahniuk) and her "odd" interests (such as books about morticians, crime and the sex trade) are topics I'm super interested in. I went through all of her past book posts and then looked on Amazon at other suggested reads. I came out of the day with a giant list of books to read.

I went to Chapters right after work and got Spook and The Safety of Objects. Sadly most of my top picks weren't available at Chapters so for my next picks I'll have to go the Amazon route. I must say that I'm feeling pretty mature over here because the last two books that I read were biographies and I'm currently reading Spook, which is non-fiction. Did I just grow up?

Got any book suggestions for me? I'm always up to add more to my list!


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