Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Must Make

Whoever invented Pinterest...just rules. It is the ultimate source of inspiration. Just going through my boards makes me feel so antsy, like I need to run to the craft store RIGHT NOW! I love it. Here are some things I would la-la-love to make ASAP:

*I'm dying for an owl pillow. It looks simple enough too!*
 *So presh*
 *I know I've showed you this image before but look how great they look on a bed*
 *Best motivation ever*
*I have a serious thing for Day of the Dead skulls. So adorable*
*Who doesn't want to be Holly Golightly? Can I also get some of those amazing earplugs that she wears too?*
*I don't know if I could think of anything cuter than this...like really. Too cute*

Why does craft stuff have to be sooo expensive? You walk into the craft store and before you know it you've dropped a hundred dollars! I guess I'll just have to stick with knitting my scarf right now. My first knitting project ever was to make a mustard chunky infinity scarf. It had SO many dropped stitches and wasn't long enough to wrap twice like I'd originally wanted but I got antsy and just finished it early (silly me). You can read about it here or here. Now I've bought the same wool again and am starting mustard scarf 2.0. It should be done...by fall haha!

I hope one day that I can make all of the pretty things above!


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