Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Weekend Update

My mom and stepdad rented a trailer for our family for the summer. This weekend was our first one up there trying it out. If we use it enough this summer then they want to buy one for next year. I have a feeling we will!

Jordan and I went up on Friday night and ended up getting there at 10:30 (bummer) and exhaustedly (is this even a word?) climbing into bed not too long after.

We woke up early the next day, went out for breakfast and then my mom and I went into the closest town to check out the little shops. I got a Fleetwood Mac live record and a Led Zepplen 45 for $10. I.was.stoked. After that my sister, Pat and baby Jack came to visit for the afternoon. Tons of badminton was played and many many popsicles devoured. After that Jordan and I ventured into town and found the most amazing antique store! It was HUGE and stacked to the brim with amazing and unique things. Some of it (okay a lot of it) was pretty expensive but I walked out with two vintage mason jars for $14. After we got back I went for a nice relaxing jog around the park (which is huge by the way) and then we sat around the fire for the rest of the night.

Sunday was spent doing some more antiquing, some more relaxing, some more eating and then heading home late in the afternoon so we could make it to Jordan's house for dinner. It was a good weekend and we plan on going back next weekend (there's supposed to be a firework festival!).

Without further adue...here are some pictures of the weekend:
* Pretty much the perfect trailer uniform*
 *The lake was so gorgeous and even though it was hot we didn't go swimming. Next time that waterslide is getting used. It.will.happen.*
 *There is no baby who is cuter than Jack. This is a fact. A lot of people say he looks a lot like me as a baby (lucky lucky boy)*
 *I'm see-through*
*How fah-reaking awesome is this cake? It was only $4 and my mom offered to buy  it for us but I let my willpower kick in (mostly due to my popsicle consumption that had happened earlier that day)*
So that was my weekend. I hope we can re-create it all summer! It's so nice to get away and just relax or play games outside. The drive up is so gorgeous too!
Have a good week y'all!

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