Friday, 26 July 2013

Worker Bee

I feel like my entire life is spent at work lately but I can't really complain because I love money and I also get to wear cute outfits like the one above. These are the things that you appreciate as a grown up I guess.

Yesterday I went to Toronto to meet up with Shauna. She is a copywriter at an advertising agency and they wanted to interview me for a video they were doing about the impact of a campaign they did. Check out to see their amazing campaign! I got to see their amazing downtown office and meet all of her co-workers. Shauna is such a grown up, it actually blows my mind. I feel like a baby when I see her with a "real" job in a field that she's passionate about. She has her own apartment and she gets to work in an amazing building downtown with a great view. I've always dreamed of an office where you look outside and get to see the city buzzing all around you. I sure am proud of that girl!

After Shauna got a little work done while I sat around asking her questions and spinning around in an office chair (I am so not a grown up yet) we went to see a movie. Her friend Rachel came with us too. We saw Only God Forgives (not my cup of tea). After we ate burritos outside on the patio of a busy street and talked and laughed. It was pretty awesome. I am dying to get my butt living in the city too! We need to find an apartment NOW. I'm too excited!

Today I've been super busy at the office. I feel like time has been flying by. I get to leave early today too because I have to drop off some paperwork to be mailed (woot). I have errands to run because tomorrow I'm going to Wasaga for Tessa's sisters bachelorette party! I'm so excited. I've known Tessa for actually half of my life now so seeing Taryn get married is kind of like seeing a sister get married. Should be fun!

Anyways I must be back to work!

Have a happy Friday y'all!


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