Sunday, 31 March 2013

Weekend Update

Another weekend gone, another hectic week to follow, but at least this weekend was a long one.

Thursday night Jordan and I spent some much needed quality time together. We lazed around and did absolutely nothing. It felt wonderful. Just what I needed.

Friday Jordan and I went to my grandparents for fish and chips for lunch. It was deelish. I was happy to stay horizontal for a long while after that lunch. So filling! At night Erika, Shauna, Emma and I went out for frozen yogurt and saw Spring Breakers. The movie was horrible but the girl time was amazing. Love those ladies.

Saturday morning I woke up and went for a workout with my friend Emma. We lifted lots of weights and completely rocked our class. I went home afterwards to work on my paper until it was time to go for dinner at Jordan's house where we had bbq. First grill of the season. So nice! It was the most beautiful day outside so it was basically pure perfection. I worked on my paper for the rest of the night until Erika called me to go on a late night jog. Me, Erika, Emma and Shauna ran 5k! It was fun to run the streets at midnight with my friends and have so much fun laughing while exercising.

Today I went to church with my sister and Pat and baby Jackson in the morning. I love seeing that adorable baby boy. I came home after to work on my project that's due tomorrow until dinner with Jordan's family where I stuffed myself to excess. I've been home for a few hours working on my project now. So stressful because my partner is MIA this weekend. We have to put together a huge poster tomorrow morning and we aren't communicating on font or anything. Yeeeeesh I'm stressed. I guess we'll have to see tomorrow!

Well, I must be off to edit an essay before I have to turn it in. Wish me luck this week! I have this poster presentation tomorrow, a test and a quiz Wednesday and a final paper due Friday. I may lose my hair!


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